Monday, August 31, 2009

365 days of being 28

This is my first blog.

Starting something new.

Encouraging not only my self but hopefully others.

I do not want to stick to the norm of blogging. I have sense no one blogs about negative or tragedies. WHY? Why not share that. Are you afraid that no one will follow because you are actually piercing their life's with negativity. Or is that a boundary you are not will to cross. I will not speak about others in my life. only my life struggles or being an artist with my BODY (dancer) & MIND.

I do not expect anything from this. Only a sence of letting go.

I was inspired to by Erin 365 days of being 30. The fact that she has dedicated herself to creating everyday, no matter how her day is going. I wanted to do the same thing. I know I will not want to create some days, want to create more. I'm already thinking of ideas.

I wanted to challenge myself to create something everyday. So I'm going to do 365 days of being 28. I hope to really continue on creating daily for years to come. I'm planning on capturing my emotions in art. I want to layer as much as possible. I have a hard time letting go of the perfect scrapbooking page or art journal. I'm planning on teaching myself how to let go and be messy. This may be really hard do to I do not like to get my hands dirty.
I'm excited (to create daily), scared (that I will not stick to my challenge), crazy (to think that I will do this daily and how am I going to keep them all together.)
The next few posts will be my start of this new and exciting project. Don't expect me to write everyday with these posts. I do not expect you to understand anything. I hope you take the challenge.