Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Monday, March 9, 2015


YEAH I MADE THESE!!!! So proud of my self!

Famous Gravy and BLUE STAR

Anetra has been trying to take me to this breakfast place called Gravy, but every time we head there, there is a line around the block.

They don't take reservations and they close at 3 pm daily. Well today there was a huge line, but we only waited 10 minutes. Plus waiting in the sun, didn't bother me at all.

She is Always on her phone. 
Beautiful right? This was Lazy Sunday. I really wanted to go take class since Jump was here, but waking up with  a headache everyday for the past 3 weeks is not fun, and my lower back hurts and my hips and I've gain my 40 lbs back!!!! So stoked about this. Dont worry, those fat lbs will come off!

This is the Menu. 
 This is what we had to choose from. 
I got the Chilie Verde. My eyes went straight to it. I mean I know it wasn't going to be better then Nana's but come on, something told me to try it. Anetra got roast beef hash, and we got 1 biscuit and gravy to try. Have to try the gravy if you go to a place called gravy. LOL AND it wasn't great. I didn't like it.

Her's and he gravy....

Now, The chilie Verde, WAS AMAZING! It literally melted in your mouth. OH MY GOD! I'm taking NANA there next time and telling her to get it, or I will get it again. 

What is funny, is we went to breakfast thinking we were going to get our normal things, eggs, sausage and bacon. But then we both picked something different. I'm so glad I did. IT WAS AWESOME! And we both took a ton of Digest Zen. hee hee

BLUE STAR. Ok so....WE have been HEARING these are the best Donuts ever! like ever....and well donuts are donuts to me, so really I didn't really believe them and well its just all sugar. Well F me...because these are the BEST DONUTS I've EVER had. Yes that deserves all caps. Because it was so good, and not so sugary. Well the ones we had weren't. And we even got a free donut. Like we needed it, and mind you i'm eating instead of taking a dance class. but the headaches are taking over my life. more on that later. And More digest Zen. 

I got a leomon poppy old fashion, and She got something with blackberry filling and peanut butter dust. and the free one was a lemon custard curd thing. Now that wasn't that good. But MINE was to die for. Oh mouth is watering right now. 

Then we went home, watched the showcase to see MVP's RAW kill it. Then the normal stuff. 

This is Anetra and I. We went to the Ballet last Friday night. She shaved her head about a week ago for her friend that has cancer. Anetra is a cancer survivor. She does what she can to help anyone out. 

Now...walking through down town Portland. Come on it's portland, where people don't match, have every color and every style of hair, while seeing people in suits and full on dresses. (like us) 

BUT for some reason, that night we were getting stared at. LIKE CRAZY. I think people trying to figure out if she was a boy or a girl. Honestly she looks like a girl to me. But whatever. I told her it was because she was soooooo HOT! because HELLO she is. and I'm totally in love with her. 

Ballet was great. made me want to start taking classes again, which Im just trying to stretch. Damn car crash that happened almost a year ago. yuck. 

I like this photo. She is so cute!

UpDate : Bullet Journal

I love it, I'm still getting used to it and like anything else.

The one thing I don't like it recording the index page.

1- because there is no method to it, if you have a category then you write it down and all the pages that relate to that go under it. but i don't like that. What if i run out of room. Or then it's not Alphabetized. I hate that.

2- there really isn't a two. I just don't have a method of it yet. and when I figure one out, I will want to start over. lol

 But how else are you going to find things. I mean right now I have about 30 pages written all different and have different meanings. I need that index page for reference. but i don't like it at all.

Once I really figure out what I mean by I don't like it. I will let you know.

One thing I don't like either, is I like to group things together and have all information all in the same place but back to back. Bullet Journal is not all back to back but I take it everywhere and take notes doing whatever I want too.

SO.....I liked having different notebooks because all my thoughts on that one subject was in one place and grouped together.

What I can do, is leave a bunch of pages blank behind it, which I actually have been doing to see if I like that. But then I don't not like using up all space.

I'm so weird at times. But I love the Bullet Journal. Now to get my mom to try it. Going to buy her a book and see if she will try it out. She has about 10 notebooks in her purse. LOL I know I had 5, but was on my way there.

Change - It's all about adapting and changing. I think she will like it. Maybe not though.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

I love the New kids on the Block. 
They were my very first TAPE ever!

I mean they were cute, I was young. And they could DANCE!. hee hee