Saturday, November 26, 2016

December Reflections

Looking back on this past year, even though I do have one more month, and this month is a crazy month for me since my dance company will be performing Jan 15th. Oh boy and there is so much to do still. 

Anyways - There is so much that has happened and haven't happened that makes me questions my moves and where I want to be next year. I still feel as if I'm still stuck in the same position yet, I now know it's karma. 

Staying where I am, and expecting the same results is insane of me. But I feel like I have put so much of myself into where I am, why would I leave. But really its abusive is so many ways. 

So - so many things to think about this, and so many things I want to change. My One Little Word is CHANGE this year. And I have changed a lot in what I am doing and recognizing what I still need to do. I feel like Time is not on my side this year. 


I am doing December daily this year and thought this would be a great prompt this year. 

Susannah Conway - I love her words, her energy even though I don't know her at all. But I fill out her workbook reflecting over my past year and picking out things for the following year. It's part of my process for ending and starting a new year. Reflecting on the new and old. I honestly need a year off. Yes I said it a whole year to get my thoughts and everything I'm so behind on. There are so many projects and things I need to work on with my body that there is honestly no time. I mean there is. But really I would be filling up every second with things, and my soul and my body doesn't work that way. I need time to just sit and what people call spacing out. but really I'm taking in my surrounding, listening to the birds, watching and being in life and loving it. I love life. I love watching the ocean and just being there taking in the massive energy and major power of it all. 

I will blog maybe once a week next year. I would love that. Just have to start a new habit. What day and why that day. 

Ok so - this post has so many things I have touched on, but really it was about December daily and adding this. see pic above.