Thursday, July 30, 2015

House Update

Yes this is an update.

So what happens now, is you tell the seller what you want fixed on the house. Well actually you tell your realtor and then they go to the other realtor and then they talk to the seller. YUCK.

Anyways -

We wanted some main things fixed, but HE WILL NOT FIX THEM. its not a deal breaker for us to purchase the house, because we want this house. but what a dick! I mean come on, you are getting TOP DOLLAR for this house. And you can't fix a few things.

It's gotten to the point now that we don't care. We are going to fix these things.

I told anetra, well this is a new adventure - Off subject - (I was so excited that I used the word ADVENTURE because I get Ali Edwards Monthly Story kits, and Adventure was one of them. Oh I'm so excited to do a page or two, or a book like I like to do, since I can never pick out just 1 photo, and I love the photos no one ever likes anyways. lol ) ok

SO - yes buying this house will be an adventure because well, we are just going to take responsibility for everything, and not blame or talk bad about the seller once we get the house. If something breaks we fix it. I mean we have so many fun plans we want to do anyways. I'm excited. I just want to get in there, and start painting already.

It's awesome to know, that I will have someplace to call my house, and I can do whatever I want with it. Well checking in with my Partner of course.

The Appraisal came back at the asking price. We really wanted it to come in lower, but everything happens for a reason. So this is good news. Now the next part, is actually going in and giving the down payment. (OUCH) and then signing our life's (LITERALLY) away. my mother said not to get upset when signing the papers and seeing actually how much we will pay for the house. So if we stay and end up paying and not selling in 15 years like Anetra wants too. UGGG....then we will have paid over 1 MILLION for the house. Oh how I wish I could just win the lottery so I don't have to worry about working 24-7. Don't get me started, because I will go there. But not today.

So -

We sold her house, and the inspection just happened, and now we hope for the appraisal comes back as we want it.

Until the next update.

New Addition

This is Skyla Blue- we will call her Sky. All her siblings have 2-3 syllable names and 1 syllable code names.

Moxen Habor- we call him Mox
Malakai Doogan- we call him Kai. 

So Sky is perfect for her. She has night blue eyes, and is all white with light faint tan spots. Her spots will get darker with age. She weighs 4 lbs! And is on her way to gaining weight. 

She is very shy... Did I saw that all ready. She doesn't trust people that well and doesn't really know how to play. But she loves AnĂ©tra! She hears her voice and she just perks up. She has really taken to our home and to Mox and Kai.  

She really needed is. I kept seeing she was still available on the Internet and just felt in my gut we need to take her home. She needs to be with us. And well I love cats. And to see her not be taken because she is not out going at all. Got my heart. She is completely different then when I saw her a month ago, and even at the breeders on Tuesday. She is just so special. And a terror, and going to rule the boys. They both come running when she cries already. Can you believe that? I can't. But it's cute. Mox keeps trying to play but he hasn't played with another cat in about 6 mints, and she wants to cuddle but doesn't know how.  They will figure it out. I just loved watching her meet Mox last night. She just threw her self at him. And Kai, loves her already. I knew she was going to work! Here to Skyla Blue! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

House Hunting

I never thought I would Own a house. I know the first step is to buy one. But really? I thought I would be renting for the rest of my life in NYC. Crazy how things change. 

When I left NYC in 2008, the year before I would have never thought I would have moved or ended up in Portland Or. NEVER. I still can't wrap my heard around it. 

But the time has come for me and my partner to buy a house. And so it has begun. 

First let me say, when I thought about buying a house, I thought it would happen like this. 
We get approved for the loan, AWESOME, then we find a house. DONE. then we say we want it and they hand over the keys!!!! UM NO! This is not how it goes. ANd there is no picture of you holding that white thing with the sold side on your front lawn laughing like this was the easiest thing you have ever done. NOTE TO SELF I will take that picture! 

So - first thing- get a realtor. DONE - 
Second - Basically be on Zillow EVERY WAKING MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE! 

Yes I have to admit, this part was fun - AT FIRST - but after about 2 months of looking at houses, I was thinking, they all look the same. Honestly I don't care where we live as long as we have a back yard. A big one. 

So the first house we went to see, I fell in love with it. I did. I still want that house. Only really because of the HUGE yard and the sun room. I would live in that sun room. I didn't care about any other part of the house. Which this is bad, because honestly, the master bedroom didn't have a closet and the bathroom was the size of a closet and the shower, only 1 person could fit in it. Ok....So I got wrapped up in the let just get this over with sort of thing. 

At this point, we weren't approved for a loan yet, so we were on the phone for like an hour to get approved. Which we were. I knew we would be. But then, reality set in. It was 20 more minutes to my commute. It wasn't near anyone - Anetra didn't like that. And I really needed a closet. BUT I always see the good. Who cares about the master bedroom, in a few years we will just extend the house and make it bigger. Thats how I think. So really any house I go and see, I think yeah I can do this and we can change this and that, because honestly nothing we find is goung to be perfect. It really just isn't. 

SO - now that you know that. Let the fun (NOT REALLY) begin. 

1 day we see I think 3 different house. All Fail! This one house, had 3 rabbit, 2 goats and like 10 chickens. Ok only 5 chickens. But come on now. But their veggies garden in the front is what sold me. but the house, I didn't like. 

Another House we went too, I walked in and said right away NO. I could feel it. I wanted to walk back out, but made myself walk through it anyways. And of course my head was like ok this is doable isn't it. But my gut kept answering NO, this isn't it. Nope we need to leave, NEXT!

so the next one. WE BOTH LOVED! We came back to see it 4 times! 4!!!! ok maybe I only saw it 3 times, but Anetra saw it 4 times. we were set on it. we were. We offered, and the seller, wanted way to much money for the area. and we didn't have a yard at all. like at all. WE countered back and forth a few times and he was just a dick. And then we decided to just walk away. 

WE WALKED AWAY after getting emotionally involved in it. I was heart broken. This is when it started to not get fun at all. How can you not day dream about your life in the house before you buy it. I mean come one, I have to see us living there, having people over, walking around naked. hee hee. But I can't not. This is house number 2 that I fell for and can't have. What the point of looking at Zillow getting their updates everyday of new house and then wanted to look but think, dont get attached. And how do you not get attached. I mean come on! 

So - we see more, and boy this one, the ground was so uneven I was actually falling into walls, and felt drunk. There was no way Kai could walk in there. But It was a cool layout. lol. ( I told you lol) but it was a hard core NO. Our realtor even said oh hell no. Not like that, but in his alter ego he would have said that. I just know he would. 

Then we see a few more, one a cop was living in, and we were being taped and hear the whole time. Freaking. I didn't like that. And then we kind of gave up. 

On a Sunday we were headed to the grocery store and decided to just drive around and look at the outsides of houses. It was fun imagining the scary and awesome things people could have behind their doors. We found a few open houses. one was SCARY, the other one, we loved. yes we loved. Had Joe come that night to check everything out, we walked through it again, talked about it. I was not excited at all though. I loved it, but it was a stay away from me arms length, and don't smile at me at all love. Because the reality was, i'm sure something will happen. 

So we put an offer on it, we counted a few times, finally decide on a price. I know i'm writing it as it happened so smoothly. But really it was this. 

We put the offer in. an hour later....." you hear from Joe yet" . "nope" dang it. another hour later....."anything"......"nope". PISS!

then we hear back. ACCEPTED! AWESOME, so what do we do. we spend 3 hours at home depot picking out paint for the whole house! of course I did research on what colors represent and how they make you feel, fungschai.  (how ever you spell it) yes I said 3 hours. 

So now, we make an apt with loan officer to sign 50 pages. YES IT WAS 50 PAGES!. Um, my brain couldn't handle everything she was explaining. It was way over my head and for me, to understand something I need to know all sides of it. so I looked at Anetra and said you got this? because I don't. 

So we continue signing papers, printing out bank accounts, making sure the Ernest money isn't drug money. OH COME ON! this process SUCKS! makes you not want to buy a house. It's stressful and just plain sucks! I mean it, stress upon stress and sucks!

So- next step - Inspection time. YEAH! finally moving forward. I mean we picked out the paint, I just want to paint already. 

We get the report back, and oh boy. I'm overwhelmed and start crying. yes, I'm crying now. Its to much, we had one day to really look at it, and go over it. we have only about another week before we loose the rate that we are locked in at. We still have to get an appraisal done. And we might not even get the house now. ONLY BECAUSE SELLER DOESN'T WANT TO FIX THINGS THAT NEED TO BE FIXED. COME ONE NOW! it's Structural. We aren't going to buy the house until you get someone to look at this shit. Yes I'm cussing now, because seller just wants to sell and make money and be done. WE just want to buy and make sure we don't have to put in ANOTHER $22,000.00 Just because you don't want to make sure the roof over was done right, or the chimney that came back DEFECTIVE on the report, is safe for us to move in. PISS OFF! that is where we are now, we tell them what they need to fix, and he will say yeah or no. So he comes back with NO, I'm only going to fix the shit we were going to fix anyways. and nothing that we really want. So we counter again, and say no we want this done, or we are done. And then we will back out. 

What does this mean? WE HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN! 

I told my mom and Anetra. I'm done looking for houses. You two do it. I need a break. I now have to get over another heart break where we bought sample paint for. 

and I wasn't excited - but I was - but i'm not. Because I some how knew this was going to happen. 

Here we go - living out of boxes again. 

I'll do another update when the next step happens. .

Thursday, July 16, 2015

OLW - July

I got really excited when I found out about this months prompt. It had to do with music.
i love music. I'm a dancer, so I figured yeah I got this one in the bag.

Well - SO - we are to find songs that we love that somehow relate to our word.

My word is courage.

If you know me. Well, I choreograph to sad heart wrenching songs. they speak to me. I don't really like happy songs. And so to try and find a song about courage or even relate to it. um, yeah not going to happen. I have been researching for the whole month so far..... everything I put into google to read the lyrics, thinking, oh yeah I love this song, This is going to be great.

Is about some heart broken person, of not being able to hang out. And yes I have changed artist. I mean its crazy.

one student this year asked me, Jen why is all your music so sad. And I had to think to myself, its not sad at all. Yeah, well until I started to really listen to the songs. Yes they actually all are. even the more upbeat ones. They are sad heart breaking songs.

So, in doing this prompt. Which I now am hating. only because my word is COURAGE. COURAGE of all things. And well, I have found a few songs, that say give me some kind of courage to get over the heart break. but not really.

On thing that was suggested was to login in to Spotify, which I have and love that music streaming file. I enter the word courage, and do you know what pops up for music.

ALL LYRICLESS SONGS! the first 10 have no lyrics at all. And I thinking. Is this a sign. I mean really is it? because now I'm thinking I chose the wrong word. But really its the right word for me.

I don't think I've done enough with my word this year. at all. I have been actually filled with Fear. BUT alot of things are changing. My life is forcing me to change really.

I don't really like it. because I don't like change. but then again, I do. I'm so weird.

But So, I got a few songs. The lyrics aren't that encouraging. But she did say to dissect the music that you have been listening to over and over again. so I used those.

See below:

Swimming - Florence and the Machine
I tired to remember the chorus
I can't remember the verse
cause that song that sent me swimming
is now the life jacket that burst

Living for Love - Madonna
Took me to heave and let me fall down
now that its over I'm gonna carry on
lifted me up and watched me stumble 
After the heartache I'm gonna carry on

Silent all these years - Tori Amos
WEll I love the way we communicate
your eyes focus on my funny lip shape
lets hear what you think of me now
but baby don't look up
the sky is falling

Letters from the sky - Civil Twilight
one of these days the sky' gonna break
and everything will escape and I'll know
once of these days the mountains
are gonna fall in the sea and they'll know

Believe - Mumford & Sons
You may call it in this evening
but you've only lost the night
preset all your pretty feelings
may they comfort you tonight
and i'm climbing over something
and I'm running through these walls

Silver and gold - Joanna Erdos
So I must find another way
to get through the month. the week. or the day
yes I will find the power
to live in the moment
at least in the hour
or the power will find me oh ee.

Oats in the water- Ben Howard
Go your way,
I'll take the long way round,
I'll dins my own way down
as I should

Higher love - Steve Winwood
Worlds are turning and we're just hanging on
facing our fear and standing out there alone
a yearning and its real to me

End of All days - 30 seconds to mars
The desert is calling
the emptiness of space
the hunger of a lion
is written on your face
a manic's new love song
destruction is his game
i need a new direction
cause I have lost my way

Anticipate - Ani DiFranco
Cause someone you don't know
is someone you don't know
get a firm girp girl
before you let go
for every hand extended 
another lies in wait
keep your eye on that one

Well - This last one- Is really the only one that is really positive. So for now these are them. BUT I'm going to continue to really keep looking. lol

I know my creative process and what i connect too, I can't really change. It is just what it is. One of my favorite songs last year. Black Flies by Ben Howard. I still love that song. But really? there is nothing that talk about courage there. Unless I'm not really seeing, or going into depth enough. I don't know. What do you think?

Black Flies"

Black flies on the windowsill
That we are
That we are
That we are to know
Winter stole summer's thrill
And the river's cracked and cold

See the sky is no man's land
A darkened plume to stay
Hope here needs a humble hand
Not a fox found in your place

And no man is an island, oh this I know
But can't you see, oh?
Maybe you were the ocean, when I was just a stone

Black flies on the windowsill
That we are
That we are
That we are to hold
Comfort came against my will
And every story must grow old

Still I'll be a traveler
A gypsy's reins to face
But the road is wearier
With that fool found in your place

And no man is an island, oh this I know
But can't you see, oh?
Maybe you were the ocean, when I was just a stone

So here we are...

And I don't wanna beg your pardon
And I don't wanna ask you why
But if I was to go my own way
Would I have to pass you by?