Wednesday, August 19, 2015

House Update


I know - you are probably thinking wait, the last post I posted was of reading, how the seller wouldn't do anything.

Well, we made deals - our realtor actually is going to pay for a few things. so we are ok.

Yes we signed the papers - and there was literally a ton of papers to sign, and ones that repeated themselves. there was three pages that said the same thing but worded differently. crazyness.

So then it needed to get recorded. I thought as I'm signing and you take my money for the down payment I would get the keys. OH NO. Not yet. lol

We did get the keys, a day later, and we had picked out paint at least two weeks ago. So I went and tried it all out. I loved all the colors.

See!!!! Yes we will have a rainbow house. Just wait until you see the green.

I painted for an entire weekend. You don't even know. I mean you probably do know, but I forgot how long it takes to tape off the parts you don't want painted. I didn't do this for the red room at first and thought oh Ill be care full. yeah not three rooms later. oh No...tape is required. lol.

I'll post picks later when every room is done. It makes me so happy all our colors. We are such colorful people.

This is what is called Flirt Alert. Oh yes, it's that bright and looks and feels so amazing. Red you say, doesn't that make you angry. Um no. It represents Love, passion, friendship. And actually whatever color speaks to me, is how I feel anyways. It's not your room or your house you are living in.

It really bothers me, when people go to see other people homes and say I'll never do that. Or those colors are just not for me I don't know how they do it. EXACTLY YOU ARE NOT THAT PERSON. YOU ARE NOT ME!

This is the living room. The accent wall is the brown below. Now, this room is painted all ready, and every time I walk out and then back In, I say. I love this blue! LOL. I know a few people are tired and are making fun of me for saying it because I do I love it. It makes me smile. It makes me happy. And i'm so excited I get to pick my own wall colors out. I mean shopping for the colors it took us three house to come up with all this. But I was so excited its not even funny!
 We went with the brown on the left. Because I mean come on the brown on the right look like baby poop. just down right yuck!

This is the bonus room. I love the Orange!
from this room you can see the deck to the right, and I think we are going to have this be the gaming room. DVD's will go in here, the super Nintendo. You know stuff like thaat.

Yes our kitchen will be yellow. A Bright ass yellow! Here you can see all three colors in the same photo. Yes I know, it's bright but oh I'm so in love! remember it's my house not yours.

Yes we don't have a Fridge, and my other half sold her old home with the Fridge in it, so we need a new one. we found one, but that's a different story.

So that is it for now. WE GOT THE HOUSE! doesn't feel real, at all. like I don't think it really happened.