Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 20- snuggle


Day 6- in the air

So..... I thought this would be easier doing 2 picture a day. But then realized it's not just pictures you take right now, it's through the year. Uggggg but I'm getting there. 

December is just a mess for me right now.

But I looked up today while walking to Starbucks to get coffee. I love black birds. Love crows and ravens. They sing to my heart. They were talking so much I looked up. The trees were bare and I could see them just sitting there. Made me smile. 


Monday, December 5, 2016

Day three December reflections

Favorite photo- 

Now there are so many I have that are my favorite. But today. This is the one. 

I love this cat- Mox.... he has stolen my heart. 
His personality is just the best. Unique. You always have that 1 animal that can never ever be replaced. This is my 2nd born.... 


Friday, December 2, 2016

Those tasty things you get to eat

So, this past weekend, we did a few things.....only a few. LOL YEAH RIGHT!

So we started off, but going to crossfit, a bonding experience where I get really mad that I have to work out, but then I feel great again afterwards......don't ask, it is what it is. 

Then we headed off to pay off treats you all get to eat. Now that Anetra is half Italian and half Portuguese, she wanted the dessert done by a place called di Tazza. Anetra said that her desserts and treats remind her of her grandmother on the Italian side....like just like them. So since I know I have Italian in my heritage somewhere....oh who cars if anyone is. LOL the treats will not let you down. Actually I will try and hoard them all and not let any of you eat any of them. 

It always feels great when you are saving for two years for your wedding to pay SOMETHING OFF. They wanted to do half down, I said um....can we just pay it off. Honestly I didn't want to have to do it later on, to many things I don't want to worry about at all. :) 

Then to continue out day, we went to look at rings for Anetra. And well I've never done the whole ring thing. It actually gives me anxiety. I love the sparkles but don't make me pick one out because even if I do want that really expensive one, I wont let you buy it at all and I wont tell you which one I like. Because honestly I feel a little guilty about wanting it, when really that money could go towards a trip and not something to sit on my finger. I have the perfect ring and I didn't have to pick it out. Goodness, I'm sweating right now just thinking about that day. 

Anyways, Anetra found the ring she wanted, honestly I'm glad I didn't get the one I was going to get her because it was NOTHING LIKE THE ONE SHE WANTED. LOL 

I swear I do know her, I swear.  So that place was SOOOOOOOO Busy. They said a tone of people were planning on getting engaged at Christmas.  How fun..... 

Well the rest of the day was filled with running around doing errands getting things ready for our trip to see Anetra's family for Thanksgiving. 

Until the next step......Have a great day!

Day 1 of December Reflections

Today is what's on the table..... no before you judge me about seeing what's on my NEW dining room table. 

Take a walk in my shoes for a moment. I work two jobs.... I run a office by day and dance teacher by night. So when I get home it's late and I DUMP everything my and on the table that's right by the kitchen. The kitchen is where we spend most of our time. So...... really that's where I have chosen to just dump everything. You know from xmas presents there is a cat bed... I didn't do that.... lots of sweaters because who only has 1 comfy sweater. To who knows what else is on there. 

I do clean it off once a week and we have t actually ever ate diner on that table yet. So..... it's ok. I love the way it looks clean and feels great. And believe I have tried to dump my stuff someplace else but I just use the same bag the next day... ok bags! Lol 

I empt all my dirty dance close and Day close and by container that I had food in or my drink containers. If I went to a room and had to take everything out my arms would be overflowing. So..... this is why this happens. Now all the sweater I just can't wear the same one everyday so it ends up collecting a few hairs from our 4 fuzzy kids.