Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Season of Dance


I'm starting my first class here tonight, and I'm nervous. There is nothing to be nervous about really, I've been dancing my entire life. But when it comes to touching others in ways to make them come back, I get really nervous.

I know From experience that I have taken from teachers that I love and one combo or song gone bad or that I didn't connect with I didn't look forward to coming back. But I do know that we all can't always connect in positive ways. I know that I was touched even though it was negative. It might also been my mood, or people in class who knows.

I also get nervous because I can shape some ones mind. These are young kids, so I'm responsible for teaching them the correct way to use their bodies. Which I'm thankful for all the collage knowledge I know. I wish I had someone to really push and pull me the way I do in their class. I basically had to teach myself how to dance in many different ways. One thing I'm trying to figure out how to teach or how to find. Is passion. I think either you have it or you don't. You have to discover it yourself.

Another thing with dancers. We constantly have to look at ourselves in the mirror. The mirror is a tool, yet it can be a very harsh tool if used incorrectly. It's hard to get someone our of the mirror. either your so attached to looking at your self you can't take your eyes off of it. Or so consumed by how you look that you can't even look into your eyes at all. It's very hard to have someone find the middel. I know it was hard for me. I was always told i never gave my self credit, or wasn’t confident enough to stand in the front unless pulled there. I didn't know when I should just go up there without looking conceded. Its so hard to care about what others think yet not care about what they think at all. It can really drive you nuts if you constantly care about what they think.

It can get so confusing for me. But in the end It depends on me, Some days I can care less what they think, and other days, I’m so worried.

So here is tonight. I'm not ready at all, just found my song, but I choreograph better unders pressure.

The song I'm using tonight is Studying Stones by Ani Difranco. Let me tell you this woman has touched me is so many ways. I always enjoy dancing to her music. It is in many ways spoken word, but not. You should check her out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things to remember

A few things to mention today.

I'm having a problem remembering to look in my "datebook" to accomplish things. I have no problem looking at it at work. But if I write down something that needs to be done at home at work, as soon as I walk out the doors to go home I immediately forget. why is this? Same goes vis versa.

We have been going to the library a lot. I like it, you can check out movies look at magazines which I would want to have, but to many to subscribe to them all. So I naturally write down things that I would want to look up when I have access to the internet. But then I get to work and I forget that I even wrote down anything I wanted to look up in the first place.

You following me?

Here are a few things I wanted to look up.

VPI Pet insurance I have been reading in the Cat fancy magazine. Learning different ways to well, be good with my cat reno. She has been acting up lately peeing where she isn't supposed  to be peeing. I think its because I wasn't giving her enough attention. So I have been working on that among other things. So yes insurance. In the past she got really really sick and cost me $1,500.00. My whole tax return. I'm glad I had that money to help her. Always wanted to get insurance for her since then, just couldn't find the right coverage. I can't afford to help her if she gets sick like that again. So I started researching it.

Christian Lacroix He is one of my favorite designers. Let me tell you after moving from NYC and being in fashion all the time. I look at magazines now and i'm amazed at what is "IN" and what I would have been seeing walking down the street. I miss it.

Vera Wang I fell in love with her many years ago with one of her wedding dresses. I was in Medford Oregon's Barns and Nobles looking at fashion books, and stumbled upon Vera. I wanted to buy the book don't know why i didn't. Well I was thinking oh just write down her name and you can look it up on the internet. Well not knowing anything about fashion. Usually you find something in the magazine and you will never see it again. Everything is made for someone or a collection, and Its not marketed to buy. I guess I could be wrong. but let me tell you I looked and searched for this dress, and never could find it. I even went back to B & N and well couldn't remember what book I saw it in. Side note- Barnes and Nobles here in Portland (DOWNTOWN) sucks. they hardly have anything. Medford's is more stocked then this one is. Its disappointing. -

Malcolm T. Liepke

Intensity II
Oil on Canvas, 09
Arcadia Gallery, NYC

I found this as advertisement in a magazine at the Library. Oh man it really brought be to a holt. I loved the brush strokes, and the color intensity. Of course I found this picture off of someone else's blog. and this picture throws the color off but I think you can see what I mean.

One more thing to add that I found. Meaningful Beauty. since I have been aging more and more. Yes getting gray hairs that I'm currently plucking out myself. Even though I probably shouldn't, don't have much hair these days. anyways, I have been noticing age lines, which on some people look fantastic, me not so much. I over heard that you are to start on using age creams when you turn 23. Well I'm started way late. But Cindy Crawford swears by this, and its from a specialty fruit!. So I think I just might try it. I mean have you seen Cindy lately. Her skin is amazing and she still looks beautiful. Ok I know she is a super model. but, why not try it.

Oh and once again, I forgot my camera. And I'm already a day behind on my creations. hasn't even been a week yet. yes I knew this challenge would be hard hence the word challenge.

Oh - got addicted to a new show. Brothers & Sisters. you should watch it. Its funny and good.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Forgot Camera

So....I was going to post some of my creations today for you all to see what i have been up too. and Guess what...no camera...and to think of it. I think I need to software to even download it into the computer which i do not have admin rights to do so...dang work. I know should be doing this at home. but you see i spend around 40 hours here at work, and well thats most my days why not when I have some down time do a few things here and there for myself.

Is that selfish?

If I don't have anything to do, instead of surfing the net or being on facebook all day (like my boss) I should do something productive.

don't you think?

today In Portland Oregon, was a very nasty morning, and now it feels like fall my favortie time of year. but fall in September, I guess its getting to be about that time.

I want to go for a walk when I get home. I think I just might do that. I will try again on the pictures tomorrow. and Hopfully I will not forget the camera or the cord....he he